Special 2010 Part1

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Special 2010 Part1

We are sorry to have kept you waiting! A TOKYO HOT special once year in the beautiful woman-limited completes this year grandly! It is four nymphs ANNA SAKAI MEGUMI SHINO SATOMI SUZUKI and AI NAOSHIMA who were selected by TOKYO HOT image girl "TINTIA" of perfect coolness feel. Refreshing air opens only by four people of the highest body which put on campaign clothes walking. However it was steep at the distance to a formal image girl. The tasting by the person concerned is a daily occurrence. The mind and bodies of four nymphs is tattered by the continuation of endless vaginal cum shot. The beauty pink pussy has disintegrated too at the same time as changing from the smile into the tortured expression. It is four nymphs who appear dashingly as advertising board hangs. It is the first announcement in front of the person concerned today. It is greatly selected by the image girl and everyone marches gladly. However the aim of parties concerned is a body of four nymphs. It stares at the whole body and it looks into in the skirt. It is the already in a state of excitement. Immediately after ANNA & MEGUMI is called and they are performed to make fellatio. It is said that it will remove from the image girl and begins to take out cock from pants unwillingly though it finds no word to say by the sudden instruction. The expression of ANNA who seems to be sad is paid to attention. Back of the head is affected and cock is pushed into the intraoral at a dash though she is made to crawl the tongue modesty first. And she made standing fellatio one after another. The gesture of MEGUMI who sucks while watching a man by the upward glance use is obscene. Immediately after men make mouthful cum shot one after another. The intraoral of MEGUMI and ANNA is made muddy by the mouthful cum shot. A miserable face which nymph's ANNA opens a big mouth and wait for ejaculation is must to see. Immediately after they vomited the semen of the intraoral simultaneously. The rest room woman of the bottom layer which does not have the name waits at the same time in the restroom. The woman is put out face from the urinal and is made to suck cock after the ejaculation and made cleaning fellatio hard. A face that seems to be foolish feels the pity further. In the next AI & SATOMI are continuously made the prey of fellatio. SATOMI continues sucking one of them earnestly as already in a limit. On the other hand AI is made total four ejaculations one after another. The toilet woman takes charge of the cock processing after it ejaculates. The cleaning fellatio is gladly repeated by the face without the fragment of the intellect either. Then AI & SATOMI are continuously called in another room. The skin ship with parties concerned is importance at the first in order to have fans love after a debut and the whole body is touched and deep kiss is done. Immediately after the panty is stripped off and they are made lift hip up pose simultaneously. The double lift hip up is a superb view! The vaginal orifice moves in obscenity when the clitoris is fingered as for pussy of AI. It is too obscene! Furthermore it is Irrumatio so that a face transforms and the expression to is the best. And then cock inserted at missionary posture. SATOMI is also fucked at back posture at the same time. Immediately after they are fucked by various postures and vaginal cum shot is made one after another as two for AI and two for SATOMI. The cock immediately after ejaculation is pushed into the intraoral and they are made doing the cleaning fellatio. The pussy becomes muddy by the semen. The possibility to be thrown away by unavailability before it debuts is high. On the other hand it is ANNA & MEGUMI who were called in the warehouse. It is surrounded by four men and seriously ly. However men made deep kiss and caress whole body. In addition clothes are stripped off and finger fuck is made. Two pussies immediately get wet. Immediately after it is standing fellatio. ANNA licks the cock and MEGUMI licks the ball bag. This seems so comfortableness. And then ANNA is inserted cock at back posture. MEGUMI is also inserted cock at backward woman on top posture. Immediately after they are made piston at standing back and pant. The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes from pussy of ANNA. Eye of MEGUMI is hollow. She gets acme completely. Then semen is continuously injected one after another after it kept being fucked for a long time. The vaginal orifice is greatly open in lovely pussy of ANNA. And the end is finished up with sucking of rest room woman. Four nymphs are already immediately before the limit. However the insulting party continues more and more. The second volume that nymphs who are fucked with many cocks as they have never experienced and are driven in to unknown territory expose terrible foolery is must see.

Long Hair, Slim, Medium Tits, Deepthroat, Costume Play, Blowjob, Bukkake, Pussy Bukkake, Creampie, Orgy, Cum Eating, Squirting, Semen poured, Gangbang, Kawaii, Other Costume, High Definition (16:9)

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Megumi Shino Anna Sakai
Release Date
3.75 GB