The Bukkake

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The Bukkake

If the crime is committed, the punishment is given. "The Bukkake" waits in a saucy woman. SAYAKA KINOSHITA of a slender model was pushed down in the cruel hell on earth of which
cornered woman goes mad after experience of near death. It is a concentrated fire of total 57 cum shot in the vagina and the face after thoroughly stirring and insulting in the pussy and
the mouth. Consideration is blown off on the way to a hard play for the long time and she becomes no reactive completely though SAYAKA opposes a beginning. Is such a cruel taking a
picture permitted? At the beginning, the president of the model company rages at SAYAKA who is arrogant and without motivation at all though she received the model interview and he
attacks SAYAKA with the subordinate. SAYAKA who is groped body and is made taking off clothes will be taken of a picture on prepared VTR. SAYAKA is made deep kiss and is made
open leg pose. The pussy is greatly opened and the joy juice gushes immediately when finger fuck is made. In addition, she is made female ejaculation and it is drenched between groins. And,
the cock is thrown in the mouth and it is standing fellatio. After two cocks are rubbed against the face at the same time, the cock is inserted at standing back posture. She is caught the uniting
part where joy juice that becomes cloudy drips from the under with the camera and feels shy. However, the one leg is lifted high and the piston continues and the appearance where the
cock inserts deeply in the pussy is exposed. The pussy is expanded and cock is inserted with the uniting part exposed even the following M-leg woman on top posture. The cock is put at
lift hip up pose after woman on top posture and stirred intensely, and she ejaculates. And it is vaginal cum shot at the bending posture. The expression to be sulky is shown after the
vaginal cum shot that is not anticipated. Later, SAYAKA is threatened by staff's man by use the evidence that image when it took at the interviews and the body is demanded. The
stocking is tearing up immediately by open leg pose and the panty is taken off, and the pussy is exposed. And it is toy attack after finger fuck. It is thoroughly fingered as labia meat and
clitoris are picked with tweezers and it is sucked with the straw. And SAYAKA distorted the face and fainting in agony to stimulation with the electric massage machine after the attack of
the rotor toy. In addition, the test tube is put in the vagina and the vagina road is exposed. In the next, Cuzco is inserted in the pussy. The opening of uterus is exposed and the sediment of
the cloudiness joy juice is photographed. Then it is standing fellatio in the next. Though she dislikes it and cock is vomited on the way, it is put in the interior of the throat and she continues
to suck desperately. And, SAYAKA is push down to the bed and the cock is inserted at missionary posture. After she is stimulated in the vagina, semen is injected. The second cock is
immediately inserted at back posture. The mouth is also closed with cock while piston continue at the M-leg woman on top, woman on top and missionary posture. The third cock is
immediately inserted at the bending posture and vaginal cum shot was made after hard piston. Immediate aftermath, the fourth cock is inserted at side posture and semen is injected.
However, it has not ended yet. Immediate aftermath, SAYAKA is brought to the room for which all new employees wait while rubbing the cock and push down to the mat. In addition,
a special container is installed to the face. It is a mechanism that semen that ejaculates precipitates in the container and the face is invaded. Men splash semen one after another for the
face of SAYAKA who peeps from among the container. The face of SYAKA became muddy by the total 46 cum shot. Semen pours down mercilessly to mouth, eyes and forehead. At the
same time, men who drove recklessly insert the cock in the vagina and made vaginal cum shot. The semen of six totals is injected. Consideration of SAYAKA becomes weak and anything
cannot be spoken at the same time face of SAYAKA sinking to semen. After the fact, she reacts no almost even if the semen that spills from the container is painted on the whole body. Last is
a privilege image where the scene of the facial cum shot is caught by an angle near the face. It is well understood that the animation is gradually gone from a face of SAYAKA. Though
SAYAKA who regained consciousness demands help and jumps out outdoors after this, but she has been made miss understood as the madwoman and is transported to the hospital because
she was nakedness. A saucy attitude disappears completely now, obedience that voluntarily opens groin comes also to show when see a man and leaving hospital seems to be also close.

Slim, Medium Tits, Deepthroat, Cusco, Bukkake, Pussy Bukkake, Creampie, Semen poured, Shooting Inside Pussy, Gangbang, Vibration Machine, Body Conscious, Casual Wear, Standard (4:3)

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Sayaka Kinoshita
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2.37 GB