Sensitive Body

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Sensitive Body

Junko Igarashi is a energetic woman of innocent atmosphere. She has slender body and beautiful plump legs. She always make smile for give a energy to the guys. Guys has cum insert a lots of semen as appreciation to her. She has a sensitive body that she has cum by just guys gave a caressing to her. so that why nice looking that she has cum while guys give a hard stroking. And she has wet and covered by lots of semen as well. Her beautiful pussy is unrepairable already. Maybe she cannot make smile again.Junko said that she is nervous but she make a smile as joyful. She looks like she want to have sex. We thought that she just waiting for guys caressing. After she take her clothes off she has careful licking service by guys with feel exciting. Then guys put electric massage machine on to her clitoris to give a vibration and she has cum. She is so sensitive than we thought. After that guys give a more vibration to her clitoris while she give a hand and blow job for two cock with deep throat. Then guys push insert his cock to her pussy by missionary posture. Bent over position and standing back side position. You mast see a comes out vaginal juice from binding portion! Labia majora has enlarged by guys hard stroking and turned red around her pussy. Guys taking missionary posture and cow girl position and she also feel so exciting as well. She has cum again by guys hard stroking. Then she has cum again by missionary posture and also he has cum insert as well. After that second cock has push insert to her vaginal and cum inserted also. Then semen has came out from her pussy that looks so obscene. After she has clean up guys cock by blow job she has cum again by electric massage machine. She cannot standing by herself. However ordeal awaited her after that. Then guys bring a box that cannot see whatfs inside to have a game as find out something has inside by her hands. At the inside of box are octopus Scrubbing brush and guys head. She was so scarring pray that games. That quite funny to see a Junkofs true face. After that guys tell to her about performance of the game was bad. So she has to play punishment game as ten times semen cum shot to her mouth by guys. Someone has cum nearby her eyes so she has coughing. Then guys gave a licking service to her body. She was resisting guys but they unforgiving to her. then guys has insert his cock to her vaginal by missionary posture. Cow girl position side position and standing position with hard stroking. While guys fucking her she has cum again and again. When guys give a hard stroking by back side cow girl position she has ejaculate by guys finger service. Guys continue hard stork to her and she has excited as she does not know anything. She said that is limit of herself but guys doesnft want stopped to fuck her. after that guys has cum insert to her vaginal and other two guys also cum inserted. After that another guys has push insert his cock to her vaginal she said that she want cum insert to her vaginal by this guys. So that why he has cum insert to her by back side position. Then many guys has cum insert to her vaginal total 8 times to cum shot. Lots of semen has came out from her vaginal. Thatfs how a shame things for her! after that guys push video camera insert to her vaginal to see a inside and also taking a cusco as well. At the inside was lots of semen has covered all of it. Then guys give a electric vibrator to her vaginal again till she cum. Finally guys has order to her for pissing at front of guys as open legs pose. We were surprised that she still has sense of shame. After that she has taking her life as meat urinal for dirty guys to cum shooting to her vaginal and her mouth. Many guys send a message to Tokyo-Hot that thanks for change a cute girl to be a meat urinal.

Long Hair, Classy, Average, Undeveloped, Medium Tits, Height: 150cm ~ 154cm, Deepthroat, Cusco, Blowjob, Bukkake, Pussy Bukkake, Creampie, Cum Eating, Piss, Squirting, Semen poured, Shooting Inside Pussy, Gangbang, Vibration Machine, Drinking Semen, School Girl, Casual Wear, High Definition (16:9)

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Junko Igarashi
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3.20 GB