The Debtor's Hell

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The Debtor's Hell

There are a lot of women who buys dress, bag and so on by borrowing money. However, it is also true to encounter cruel time later when acting without thinking about future thing.
MICHIKO CHIBA is a slender college student. Though MICHIKO is seem an obedient and indecisive atmosphere but this character brings disaster and she bought the dress with credit
card though she has no money. She embarrasses with the payment. Then, she applies for the interview of work that the salary of high priced can be gotten. However, it mistakes it greatly
when thinking that a lot of money enters easily. The TOKYO HOT corrected the character of such a college woman who had depended too much. Embarrassed MICHIKO with the payment
of the card receives the interview of the part-time job of the high pay. She is pleased to hear that tens of times can be earned more than normal part-time job. However, she is said that it will
be lewd work to use the body immediately after that and deep kiss is made suddenly. In addition, the panty is taken off and careful licking service is made at crawl on all four though she
opposes for the violently attacked the nipple and the crotch. In addition, finger fuck is made at open leg pose. Then, it is standing fellatio that mouth is broken open. The head is suppressed
and the cock is push in the interior of the throat. And, the cock is inserted at standing back posture. It is excited at the scene which is widened so that a pretty pussy seems to burst and piston
is continued at the backward woman on top, missionary and woman on top posture. After cock is deeply inserted in the interior of the vagina at the continuing bending posture, vaginal cum
shot is made at the missionary posture. Michiko passes an interview and will work at once. And, the image scene is placed and it is site of the first work day. MICHIKO is brought to the
basement for which guest's men wait and made expression that seems to be uneasy. MICHIKO is made deep kiss violently by men after the self introduction and the whole body is groped.
After she is taken off clothes and the nipple is attacked, the panty is taken off by standing back style. Then, pussy is opened greatly by the open leg pose and attack by vibs toy is made after
finger fuck and careful licking service. The rotor toy is inserted in the pussy and the clitoris is stimulated at the same time. In the next, thick vibs toy is inserted in the pussy, it stirred violently
and MICHIKO pants. Immediate aftermath, the test tube is inserted in the pussy. The shame play from which Cuzco is inserted and the opening of uterus is seen continues after the vagina
wall that adheres joy juice that becomes cloudy is exposed. Next, men throw in the cock to mouth of MICHIKO one after another and demanded standing fellatio play. MICHIKO is made to
lick three cocks at the same time and try hard to make it. The appearance to which the tongue violently moves about between three cocks is obscene. Then, MICHIKO is pushed down to the
bed and the cock is inserted in at the missionary posture. The cock is put in one after another and the pussy is drenched. The uniting part that cock is deeply pierces in vagina is shown in
continuing bending posture. The cloudiness joy juice gushes and it adheres to the cock after she poked at the M-leg backward woman on top and back posture. Then, semen is injected
mercilessly though MICHIKO violently opposes vaginal cum shot. Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted at backward woman on top posture and vaginal cum shot is made after it
severely pushes up. A large amount of semen flows backward at the moment when cock was pulled out. The third cock is immediately inserted in and made vaginal cum shot. The pussy is
greatly opened pitifully. However, the guest comes one after another. Men insert the cock immediately before the ejaculation in the pussy of MICHIKO who is exhausted and lies down by
the continuous vaginal cum shot. And they made the vaginal cum shot. The cock is inserted in the vagina after it ejaculates in the vicinity of the Mons pubis and there is a person who pours
the semen of the remainder, too. MICHIKO is made total five vaginal cum shot. The semen of 13 totals is poured also to the face at the same time. In addition, the semen that spills around the
pussy is pushed with the vibs toy in the vagina and the piston is done violently as it is. Immediate aftermath, the pussy that made dirty by semen is made finger fuck. The love juice that is
mixing with semen is blown. MICHIKO have convulsions a lower part of the body and writhes in agony. The face that made muddy by the semen is miserable. MICHIKO is confined to the
basement and made to keep working compulsorily afterwards. However, the person in charge of work doesn't pay the salary at all and he escapes. As a result, it is said that only repayment
of the credit that is increased by overdue interest and the body that is tattered by the vaginal cum shot of the day after day was left.

Undeveloped, Medium Tits, Deepthroat, Cusco, Bukkake, Pussy Bukkake, Creampie, Squirting, Semen poured, Shooting Inside Pussy, Gangbang, Vibration Machine, Casual Wear, Standard (4:3)

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Michiko Chiba
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